Save the Western Painted Turtle!

Endangered on the Pacific Coast of Canada.
Less than 1,000 are left in the wild.

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About the Species:

Decades of intensive agricultural, urban, and suburban development in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia has had a devastating impact on natural ecosystems in the region. The western painted turtle relies on wetlands for food and reproduction, and because this habitat it is diminishing, the turtle has been listed as endangered in Canada.

Our Hands-on Action: 

In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Wildlife Preservation Canada manages a headstarting program for the western painted turtle. The program incubates wild-collected eggs and cares for the hatchlings until they are too large to fit in the mouths of invasive predators. We give more than 200 turtles a jump start each year by protecting them during this vulnerable time.


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About the Species Ambassador: 

Maja Hampson is the acting lead biologist for the Fraser Valley Wetlands program, managing the western painted turtle and Oregon spotted frog recovery programs. Maja focused her career and Master’s thesis on captive wildlife, specifically big cats in captivity, until Andrea Gielens brought her over to the world of reptiles and amphibians.

Why Maja wants you to sponsor her favourite species:

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  1. Ellen

    Thank you for helping save these turtles – my favourites!

  2. Janice McEwan

    Turtles have for many years been very special to me – in fact have quite a collection so felt compelled to sponsor.

  3. Kathryn Dempster Nicholson

    My very first pet was a turtle who I named Rupert. I subsequently had another one years later who, after arranging to have “him” adopted by a vet who was a turtle enthusiast, I found out “him” was a “her”. Because both of my pet turtles hold a special place in my heart, shelling out to help their brethren is the least I can do.

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