Turner Valley


Location: Turner Valley, Alberta

Landowner: Town of Turner Valley

Seed Provider: Seaborn Seeds

About the site:

The town of Turner Valley is establishing a pollinator corridor to help bring back native pollinators to the area. The 5 Ha wildflower plot will have natural features such as logs and rocks to attract nesting pollinator species along with the foraging pollinators that visit the flowers. Projects like this offer endless “teachable moments”. The town plans to make this park an educational stopping point, bringing school groups to learn about pollinators, plants, and ecosystem health collectively. .


Photos before wildflower planting




Town of Turner Valley

Turner Valley, snuggled against the base of the Rocky Mountains, offers an inspired and relaxed lifestyle just 35 minutes southwest of Calgary. Turner Valley is still that place where rocks are water-skipped and dandelions are picked for Mom. Our big backyards, community spirit and outdoor lifestyle inspire creative talent and nurture life better lived. Connected to nature and each other, we are driven by a responsibility to protect, steward, and advocate for gentler footprints on the land. Get back to nature in Turner Valley.


The park is open for public visitation. Please see hours, parking, and other details on the Town of Turner Valley Website.

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