Videos about our field work

Recipe for Recovery – Bumble Bees

Learn how our pollinator teams collect bumble bee queens for laboratory research that is saving at-risk pollinators.

Recipe for Recovery – Massasauga rattlesnake surveys

Learn how our field teams find massasauga rattlesnakes and collect important information about them. 

Trapping wild loggerhead shrikes

Learn how our field teams trap wild birds to band and release them for the monitoring program.

Behind the scenes

Overwintering Oregon spotted frogs

Take a look at the overwintering tubs at the Oregon spotted frog conservation breeding facility. 

Searching for shrikes

Lead Biologist Hazel Wheeler shows you what it’s like to search for shrikes in the field.

Headstarting western painted turtles

Take a look at the head starting program at our western painted turtle conservation breeding facility. 

Releasing Taylor’s checkerspot caterpillars

Our field teams show you how they release tiny caterpillars into the wild to recover the declining population. 

Videos from Canada’s New Noah