Welcome to our library of webinar recordings

Canadian Herpetology Conference – Hannah McCurdy-Adams

Hannah McCurdy-Adams, WPC’s Reptile and Amphibian Program Development Coordinator,  introduces the 2023 Canadian Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Recovery Implementation Group (CEMRRIG).

Canadian Herpetology Conference – Stephanie Winton

Stephanie Winton, the Canadian Species Initiative Coordinator gives a travelogue presentation on her experience working on reptile conservation projects in Mauritius as the 31st Canada’s New Noah.

Bumble Bee Photography 101

In this video, Genevieve and Hayley from the bumble bee team give their top five tips on how to get a great photo of a bumble bee.

Community Science for Massasuaga Workshop Part 1 Introduction

This video includes the introduction to the workshop and two presentations giving an overview of community science from James Baxter-Gilbert and Hannah McCurdy-Adams.

Community Science for Massasuaga Workshop Part 2 Project Highlights

This video includes presentations about three Massasauga Community Science Projects: Magnetawan First Nation, Shawanaga First Nation, Killbear Provincial Park.

Community Science for Massasuaga Workshop Part 3 Advanced iNaturalist Tutorial

This video includes a presentation from James Pagé, where he takes us on a deep dive into the iNaturalist platform.

Using the One Plan Approach for Canada’s threatened species

A presentation by Stephanie Winton to the Canadian Herpetological Society Conference in December 2020.

Integrating In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation Initiatives

A presentation by Genevieve Rowe an Jessica Steiner to the 5th North American Congress for Conservation Biology meeting, July 2020.

Bee diversity with Laurence Packer

WPC hosts Dr. Laurence Packer to discuss bee diversity. Dr. Laurence Packer is a professor at York University and a world expert on wild bees. He also manages a world class bee collection – with over 500,000 bee specimens from all over the world.

Queen bumble bee behaviour from spring to fall with Amanda Liczner

Join Dr. Amanda Liczner as she explains the interesting biological and behavioural changes that occur as native bumble bees move from spring to fall.