What’s the buzz? Learn about native pollinators and why they are worth saving from extinction in Canada. 

Episode 1: Introduction to Native Pollinators

Meet Genevieve and Hayley, WPC’s bumble bee biologists. Follow along as they explore the wonderful world of bumble bee conservation.

In Episode 1, Genevieve and Hayley introduce you to the Native Pollinator Initiative. They share with you their love of pollinators, and why they think bumble bees should be a focus for conservation action.

Episode 2: Community Science with Bumble Bee Watch

Genevieve and Hayley are back to share an amazing tool that you can use to contribute to bumble bee conservation.

In Episode 2, they’ll introduce you to Bumble Bee Watch, a citizen science platform that has over 60,000 bumble bee sightings from across North America. Learn all about the app, and how you can help researchers be in 100 places at once!

Episode 3: Bumble Bee Watch – The Website!

Do you have photos of a bumble bee, but aren’t sure what species it is? Want to know what bumble bees are on your property?

In Episode 3, Genevieve and Hayley are back to show you how to sign up for a Bumble Bee Watch account and submit bumble bee observations to the website. You can improve your identification skills, and contribute important data! It’s quick and easy to get started, so why wait? You could be submitting photos of bumble bees today!

Episode 4: Bumble Bee Watch – The App!

Genevieve and Hayley have already shown you how to use the Bumble Bee Watch website, but did you know there’s also an app for that?

In Episode 4, Genevieve and Hayley show you how you can upload photos taken with your smart phone directly to the Bumble Bee Watch app. Available on iOS and Android, you can download the free app and submit your bumble bee observations today!

Episode 5: Pollinator Diversity

Have you had some trouble identifying a photo of a bumble bee? Maybe it wasn’t a bumble bee at all! While Genevieve and Hayley love bumble bees, they also love the diversity of insect pollinators that exist.

In Episode 5, Genevieve and Hayley introduce you to some of many bumble bee imposters, and show you some quick tips and tricks on how to tell insects like bees, flies and wasps apart.

Episode 6: Bumble Bee Identification

Bumble bees come in a variety of different colours. Some have red, yellow, orange, white, or black on them. So how do we begin to tell them apart?

In Episode 6, Genevieve and Hayley give you a quick anatomy lesson, and break down some of the bumble bee species in Canada into 6 major colour pattern groups. Understanding these groups will make identifications much easier.

Episode 7: Bumble Bee Photography 101

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a bumble bee, but it was blurry, too far away, or maybe out of focus?

In Episode 7, Genevieve and Hayley give their top five tips on how to get a great photo of a bumble bee. A clear photo makes verifying observations on Bumble Bee Watch easier on the experts, which means we can collect more high-quality data.