With more and more people tuning in to the plight of Canada’s bees and other pollinators, a national wildlife charity and its corporate partner are stepping up to help Canadians take action.  Wildlife Preservation Canada, which specializes in preventing the extinction of at-risk animals including pollinators, is now offering “seed grants” to support landscape-scale plantings of wildflowers anywhere in Canada.

The program, which is sponsored by Burt’s Bees Canada, literally offers native wildflower seed instead of cash to habitat restoration or creation projects.  Grants are available to individuals or non-profit groups, and will be aimed at intermediate, meadow-sized planting projects.

“The number one thing we are asked when we speak with people about at-risk pollinators is ‘How can we help?'” says Wildlife Preservation Canada Executive Director Randal Heide.  “Of course, all of us can help by planting native wildflowers in our yards, balcony flower boxes, or whatever.  This program is specifically designed to help community groups or landowners with access to larger properties take it up a notch, by transforming former agricultural fields, industrial sites, or other ‘waste’ places into something really special.”

The program is an outgrowth of Wildlife Preservation Canada’s existing habitat work with various partners.  For example, in the past Wildlife Preservation Canada has partnered with a community group seeking to transform a decommissioned landfill into a pollinator meadow, and with a First Nation which is recreating a swathe of native prairie.

Funds for the program come primarily from sales of specially marked product from Burt’s Bees. “Burt’s Bees is a proud, long-standing partner to Wildlife Preservation Canada and we are committed to helping our native pollinators thrive,” says Carolyn Hungate, Marketing Manager, Burt’s Bees Canada. “We are thrilled to support such a worthy cause, and to help encourage others to create more pollinator habitats across Canada.”

Full program information including application forms here.

About Wildlife Preservation Canada

Established in 1985, Wildlife Preservation Canada is a national charity devoted to saving endangered animal species facing imminent extinction in Canada – species whose numbers in the wild are so low that habitat protection alone is not enough.   It is currently providing expert hands-on care to several reptile, amphibian, bird, and insect species in projects ranging from the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes region to Vancouver Island, making it the only organization in Canada to perform such work in multiple species recovery efforts across the country. For more information, please visit



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