About the Seed Grant Program

Wildlife Preservation Canada
is providing wildflower seed grants to restore and build important pollinator habitat all across Canada.

Grants of up to $2000 will be awarded to community groups or individuals. The application deadline for 2020 has passed. Please check back in spring 2021 for details about next year’s grant program.

Meet past grant recipients:

The winning applicants submitted seed planting and stewardship plans that were well researched, and demonstrated their commitment to the project for years to come. Most of all, the winners all had a strong desire to create habitat that will support native pollinators that are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss in their communities.

Bunchberry Meadows

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Habitat: Boreal forest and meadow
About: Bunchberry Meadows is a previously disturbed 1.37 ha area in mixedwood boreal habitat. The land is being restored to native habitat with plans for wildflower seeds and supplemental plantings throughout the area.
Project managed by:

Canatara Park

Location: Sarnia, Ontario
Habitat: Coastal dunes
About: This dune restoration project aims to restore eroding beach and dune habitats, while creating visually appealing and ecologically functional spaces for residents and native pollinators alike.
Project managed by: 


Clear Creek Forest

Location: Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Habitat: Carolinian meadow
About: Clear Creek Forest is a 412 Ha protected nature reserve. A 0.5 ha wildflower site is will be planted near a decommissioned quarry to provide upland habitat for restored wetlands.
Project managed by:

Gimli Wildflowers

Location: Gimli, Manitoba
Habitat: Interlake prairie
About: Gimli is dedicated to keeping native prairie plants and insects alive despite the changing soil and habitat conditions. The community will establish a 0.4 ha wildflower plot to encourage the next generation of land stewards
Project managed by: 


Hawkridge Community Wildflowers

Location: Milford, Ontario
Habitat: Roadside meadow
About: A collective of heritage farms have gathered to cultivate a roadside area with wildflowers, along with an area situated between two forests atop the natural limestone ridge in a section of open meadow to be seeded.
Project managed by: Hawkridge Homestead; Kervan Farm; Lee & Howard Scott

Helliwell Provicial Park

Location: Hornby Island, British Columbia
Habitat: Coastal maritime meadows including Garry oak habitat
About: Helliwell Provincial Park is nationally significant for the habitat of one of the last known populations of the endangered Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly.
Project managed by

Hodge Podge Patch

Location: Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia
Habitat: Acadian forest
About: The wildflower project located in Acadian Forest Region of the maritimes will restore the soil and create a habitat for native plants and pollinators to thrive.
Project managed by: The Hodge Family

John R. Park Homestead

Location: Essex, Ontario
Habitat: Mixed forest
About: The John R. Park Homestead is part of the Fox Creek watershed, which meanders through the site, and drains into Lake Erie. Three small plots, totalling 0.013Ha will be converted from lawn into wildflowers.
Project managed by:

Matson Conservation Area

Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Habitat: Garry oak savannah
About: The Matson Conservation Area contains Victoria harbour’s last patch of rare Garry oak tress. Projects on the property involve invasive species control, native plantings, and community education.
Project managed by

Pays de Cocagne

Location: Cocagne, New Brunswick
Habitat: Salt marsh riparian meadow
About: The 0.5 ha wildflower site is a low-lying agricultural area adjacent to the Cocagne River that will be converted into a wildflower meadow to attract pollinators to benefit all adjacent habitats including the community garden.
Project managed by: 

Pollination Guelph

Location: Guelph, Ontario
Habitat:  Restored landfill
About: Pollination Guelph’s largest and most well-known project will create pollinator habitat on the 45ha (112 acre) decommissioned Eastview Landfill site.
Project managed by:

Rogers Reservoir Native Meadow

Location: Newmarket, Ontario
Habitat: Meadow
About: Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area is an 84 hectare conservation area with a mix of deciduous forest, pine plantation, wetland and meadow habitats.
Project managed by:

Samuel Wilmot Nature Area

Location: Newcastle, Ontario
Habitat: Meadow
About: The Samuel Wilmot Nature Area is 77 hectares of stream valley lands and wetlands on the shore of Lake Ontario. One hectare of native wildflowers will be planted to benefit resident and migrating pollinators.
Project managed by:

Turner Valley

Location: Turner Valley, Alberta
Habitat: Meadow
About: The town of Turner Valley is establishing a pollinator corridor. The 5 Ha wildflower plot will have natural features such as logs and rocks to attract nesting pollinator species along with the foraging pollinators that visit the flowers.
Project managed by: