What guides WPC

Our vision

A land where Canada’s wildlife is bountiful, diverse and thriving, free from the threat of extinction.

Our mission

Wildlife Preservation Canada saves animals at risk from extinction in Canada by performing hands-on field work with species requiring direct action to recover, providing opportunities for Canadian conservation biologists to increase their expertise, and advancing conservation science by developing new methods for endangered species recovery.

Our approach

Wildlife Preservation Canada is a conservation leader, managing recovery programs for some of Canada’s most threatened species. We develop innovative techniques that can be used around the world to save species at risk. We build this country’s conservation capacity by providing opportunities for young scientists to work with endangered species, both in Canada and abroad.

To maximize our impact, we choose species based on the urgency of their conservation needs, our unique expertise and the potential to collaborate with other organizations and strategic partners. We work closely with local communities, recognizing that they are critical to long-term conservation success.

Our values

  • We are resourceful and innovative, finding novel ways to save species at risk.
  • We are passionate and dedicated, bringing enthusiasm and commitment to a cause we care deeply about.
  • We are science-based and multidisciplinary, using data to drive solutions and recognizing the value of bringing diverse expertise to the table.
  • We are collaborative and integrative, coordinating our actions with strategic partners and the wider conservation community to deliver the most good for species at risk.
  • We are sustainable, understanding that the health of Canada’s wildlife depends on the health of the planet.