Call for the Wild

Click photo above and vote now and every day until September 13 from a desktop computer and support Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Native Pollinator program. 

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Plant a pollinator garden! 


  • BB PosterPollinators are attracted to flowers by their colour and scent. Have plants blooming from spring to fall to ensure that the garden can supply nectar and pollen for a variety of pollinators. Bright colours, especially blue, yellow and violet are attractive to pollinators.
  • Pick plants that are native to your region, or at least to North America. They are better adapted and therefore more able to provide for a pollinator’s needs. Some examples: cardinal flower, honeysuckle, bee balm, zinnia, phlox, mint, fuchsia, sage, cosmos, english lavender, nasturtium, lupine, coneflower, geranium, black-eyed susan, sunflower, angel’s trumpet, verbena, aster, shasta daisy.