Save the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike!

Endangered in Canada.
Less than 100 are left in the wild in Ontario.

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About the Species:

Loggerhead shrikes were once a common sight in pastures and grasslands across southern Ontario, but their numbers have dropped steadily since the 1960s. Eastern loggerhead shrikes are now considered critically endangered in Canada.

Our Hands-on Action: 

Wildlife Preservation Canada coordinates a conservation breeding program for eastern loggerhead shrikes, which is the only program of its kind for a migratory songbird. Each summer, young captive-bred shrikes are released in areas where wild birds are still found, to bolster the existing population. Some of these birds will carry radio tags that will help us figure out where our birds go in the winter, which is still largely unknown for Ontario’s population of shrikes.


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About the Species Ambassador: 

Hazel Wheeler manages all aspects of our shrike recovery program, from captive breeding and release, field surveys, and landowner relationships in Ontario, to building partnerships with shrike researchers in the US to work towards species recovery throughout North America. Hazel has been working with at-risk birds for over a decade, including a Master’s degree studying the habitat of the chimney swift.

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  1. Bird Lover

    Go team shrike!

  2. Ian Glen

    An interesting mini-raptor, the shrike has got serious attitude, especially since his/her habitat is shrinking! There’s so much we don’t know, especially their migratory habits. Donations go to research what we don’t know about shrikes but also to do the heavy work involved in captive breeding to support and grow the limited population.

  3. Chris Earley

    Three cheers for shrikes! And three cheers for Hazel!

  4. Alyssa

    100 individuals means they really need all the help they can get. Plus they are bad**ss

  5. Mia Desormeaux

    I just witnessed one hunting a smaller bird in a Bush in my front yard in greely ontario. Beautiful bird

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