Overseas Species

Wildlife Preservation Canada was founded by Gerald Durrell in 1985, as Wildlife Preservation Trust Canada, to be a sister trust to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey, and the Wildlife Trust in the United States.

Wildlife Preservation Canada first participated in overseas endangered species conservation projects.  As we matured and developed our own strong network of conservation experts, the skills and techniques developed overseas were brought home to Canada.  In addition to our partnerships overseas, every year our Canada’s New Noah scholarship participant receives hands-on training with some of the most endangered birds in the world on the island of Mauritius, learning the captive-rearing and release, predator protection and supplemental feeding techniques that have benefited Canadian species, like the burrowing owl.

We are proud of our work overseas, from Brazil to the Dominican Republic and throughout Madagascar and Mauritius, with some of the most endangered animal species in the world.  These are just a few of the animals with which we have worked.

Echo Parakeet

The echo is one of just nine surviving bird species that are found only on Mauritius. Currently, the wild population is found in a mountainous 50-square-kilometre area in the southwest of the country.

Ridgway’s Hawk

The Dominican Republic is home to 30 species of birds found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, 19 of these are in danger of becoming extinct.